What is flushing?

What is flushing, and how does it affect your water supply?

What is flushing ? 

Flushing is essentially cleaning the water pipes. We carry out flushing when we've been working in the area, to clear any pipework which may have been affected by the work. It's not unusual for you to have some discoloured water when this is happening, we advise that you run your downstairs cold tap for a few minutes which should clear it.

Why do we flush ?

  • Overtime, a natural sediment similar to rust builds up in old, iron water mains and normally sits harmlessly in the bottom of pipes. However, if disturbed by increased flow (possibly due to a burst main) or flow reversal (to maintain supplies), this sediment can cause the water to discolour. Although not harmful to health, the appearance of the water is different to normal, and may not be palatable.
  • Flushing is an effective method of cleaning the pipework prior to or after essential work where there is a risk that discoloured water may result.
  • The amount of water flushed is strictly controlled to minimise the volume of water discharged.

If you need more help about problems with your water please read this information.