What are the benefits of a meter?

Save Money

With a water meter, you only pay for the water you use at home. If you reduce the amount of water you use, the benefits will be reflected on your bill. By using less water, you spend less money - it's pretty simple! In fact, on average our customers save £100 on their bill after switching to measured charges.


Using only what you need and wasting less water in your daily life can make a real impact – from protecting future water supplies to helping the environment and even saving a few pennies on your bill. It takes a lot of energy, time, and money to get your water from reservoirs to come out of your taps at home. And during that process, we also need to make sure that our lakes, rivers, and streams stay health and full to keep the planet and biodiversity balanced.

Quite simply – every single drop counts. By doing your bit to not waste it, you can help ensure there’s a reliable water supply for the future, and you can help protect the environment around you. If you're interested in more tips, you can join our water saving community here

Only pay for water you use

Did you know that by not being on a meter, you could be paying for water you don't use? That's literally flushing your money down the toilet! Water meters are often seen as the fairest way to pay for your water bill as you only pay for the water you use.

Detect leaks

By having a meter, you'll be able to keep a closer eye on what goes on in your home. By checking on it every now and again, you'll easily be able to spot an internal leak on your property. By spotting leaks quicker you'll help reduce water waste.


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