My water tastes/smells metallic

Find out what causes your water to smell or taste metallic, and what you can do about it

A metallic or bitter taste or smell to tap water is normally associated with increased concentrations of metals commonly found in domestic plumbing systems, such as copper or zinc.

Water left standing in metal pipework for long periods can pick up traces of metals, which can produce unusual tastes or smells often described as metallic or bitter – particularly in water from the hot water system. This can be a particular problem in large buildings or in buildings with long lengths of pipe.

Running the cold water tap can help to reduce this problem, as can lagging the cold water pipework to prevent it being warmed by hot water pipes. The water you run off does not have to be wasted and can be used for purposes other than for drinking – such as watering plants.

Please contact us if the taste persists or if you are concerned about lead pipework.