How to save water at home

Discover some of out great tips to help you save money in the home, from your kitchen to your bathroom.

If we waste less water, we are more efficient with our water use. This not only saves water but also money through reducing both your water and energy bills. Did you know that just by fixing a dripping tap could save you £18 a year, not to mention 5,500 litres of water from simply flushing down the drain?


Turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth and save 18 litres per brush

Did you know? – Brushing your teeth with a running tap uses 9 litres of water a minute. Keep to time with one of our free toothy timers.

Make your shower 4 mins long instead of 10 and save 20 litres per shower

Did you know? – Having a typical length shower uses a shocking 62 litres of water. Why not put on your favourite tune and make sure that by the time it’s finished, you’re done too?

Run your washing machine full (rather than half loads) and save up to 10 litres per wash

Did you know? – Washing your clothes with a typical washing machine uses an average of 112 litres of water a week. Save clothes up rather than washing a few at a time.

Steam your veggies instead of boiling them and save on average 500ml of water per saucepan

Did you know? – Steaming vegetables rather than boiling them retains more of their nutrients and uses much less water. Once cooled, that water can also be used on your plants.



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