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"We cannot predict the future, but we can invent it"

Dennis Gabor

Innovation is a core part of our business and critical to the long-term success of Bristol Water and the wider utilities industry.

At Bristol Water we operate an ‘Open Innovation’ program. We publish our innovation challenges and invite anyone to collaborate with us to solve them. If you’re an entrepreneur, academic or leading company with innovative solutions that can push the industry forward, we want to hear from you! We mustn’t go through this program alone. Our challenges are shared by many others and our progress against them should be too!

In the spirit of our Open Innovation program, we decided to launch this podcast – Innovation: An Endless Pursuit - to share the learnings, experience and the insights from our internal and external innovation network.

In each episode your host, Chris Thomas, Head of Improvement and Innovation, will be joined by experts from across our external innovation network and colleagues from Bristol Water to explore a theme related to our innovation quest and share their insights and advice for others in the industry.

We hope you enjoy listening to it and please do reach out to us with your own ideas on the quest – we’re always looking for help and collaboration on the journey. You can get in touch at innovation@Bristolwater.co.uk

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About the Bristol Water Innovation Quest...

At Bristol Water, we are constantly striving to give the best possible experience to our customers.

While water has existed since the dawn of time, the methods, processes and technologies required to keep it clean, safe and pouring from our customers’ taps is constantly developing  and improving.

To ensure we stay at the forefront of the industry and can provide the best experience for our customers we are actively investing in developing, incubating and adopting  the latest, cutting edge, innovative solutions to do this.

To do this we set off on our innovation quest, our mission to solve our big innovation challenges

We call it a quest because it is long, epic search for bold outcomes; it is in fact, a never-ending pursuit for progress. The cutting-edge solutions of today will be the obsolete approaches of tomorrow.


The challenges that we’re aiming to solve through our innovation quest are...

Water Treatment

Effectively looking after our water quality

Customer Service Excellence

Providing the best possible experience to our customers


Protecting the integrity of our network and minimising disruption

Resources & The Environment

Being proactive stewards of our environment and managing our valuable water resources to effectively meet demand

The Pursuit of Efficiencies

Ensuring we operate as a modern and efficiently business in order to provide the most cost effective service for our customers

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