Save water and money

There are many ways that you can save money and water and not just in your home. Learn more about the ways you can do that below.

Water-saving tips

If you have a water meter, all of these tips may help you reduce your water and sewerage bills.

If you do not have a meter, using water wisely and cutting down on the amount of hot water you use will lower your gas and electricity bills. You can find more useful tips on how to save water on the Consumer Council for Water’s (CCWater) and Waterwise websites.

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Five places to save water...

Saving water at your home

If we waste less water, we are more efficient with our water use. This not only saves water but also money through reducing both your water and energy bills. Did you know that just by fixing a dripping tap could save you £18 a year, not to mention 5,500 litres of water?

Saving water in your garden

Water uses energy to be pumped, heated and treated, so why not try using rainwater instead of your tap water to wash your car, water your plants and other garden/outdoor activities? You’ll save energy as well as money if you are on a water meter!

Saving water at your workplace

Many companies find that when they save water they can also save money on energy and process costs. For example, by using natural ventilation via windows instead of air-con units, energy bills will be reduced - as well as water - saving your business money.

Saving water in your community

If everyone in a community uses water wisely, it can have a greater and more positive impact on your local water resources, such as rivers and streams from which your tap water often comes. Working together within local communities makes a big difference!

Saving water in your school

By taking action and saving water, your school will be actively demonstrating that anyone can use water more wisely and set a good example for future water consumers. Make sure you tell the wider community about your water saving actions.

Seven numbers to remember!

Here at Bristol Water, we are always trying to encourage our customers to drink more water and waste less of it. Therefore, we like to give away lots of free water-saving devices to help you waste less water. And if you are on a meter, it will also save you money!

Switch to a water meter

Switching to have a water meter may bring your bills down, especially if you have more bedrooms than people living in your property. Both your water and sewerage charges will be calculated on the meter readings. Fitting will normally be free of charge.