Responsibility for your pipework

This article outlines who is responsible for your pipework.


We are normally responsible for the water mains and pipes up to your property boundary; beyond that they are your responsibility. In some situations, you may be responsible for a pipe in adjacent land or even in the road if it serves your property. Sometimes this responsibility is shared with your neighbours.

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If we find a leak on pipes that are your responsibility, we will require you, under our legal powers, to repair the leak or in some cases replace the pipe.


We have a scheme to assist domestic customers to repair leaks on their supply pipes, which are customers' responsibility. The LeakStop scheme is subject to conditions but in some conditions the first repair on customers' supply may be free.

diagram explaining who is responsible for your pipework. Text explains

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The internal stop tap is normally under a kitchen sink or in a location close to where the water pipe enters the building.

WaterSafe provides an approved scheme which we recommend to ensure you use a locally approved plumber.