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Lead & Iron Replacement

Want to replace your lead or iron pipes? Please read the Lead Pipe Replacement information below which explains our Lead Replacement Procedure.

Coronavirus update: temporary pausing of lead replacements 


Update 02/06: we're planning to start accepting new applications from the week commencing Monday 22 June. Until this time, please do not apply online. 

As part of our response to the coronavirus outbreak, we will be focusing on our core service of supplying water and will therefore not be carrying out lead replacement schemes.

In the meantime, we recommend flushing through your pipes with water for several minutes. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

We thank you for your understanding during this time.

Lead and iron were commonly used on water supply pipes until the 1960s. It has been found that although we treat the water to minimise it, small amounts of lead can find their way into the water, as can rust from the iron pipes. These pipes are older and they are more prone to leaking. Additionally, as they are smaller they have a poorer water flow.