Watertalk 2020


Protect the habitats of our much-loved mini beasts

Welcome to your 2020 edition of Watertalk magazine!


In this issue, we delve deep into the undergrowth to say hello to our little friends! We are, of course, talking about the weenie and wonderful insects and invertebrates that can be found all around us, cleaning up our waste, pollinating plants, and so much more… if only we stopped to take a look. From red wood ants to violet oil beetles, we meet the creatures who need our help to protect their future.


Elsewhere, we shake up our spray cans, pick up our paintbrushes and head into the art studio to speak to the four fantastic local creatives who helped to build our new brand. Discover where they work, what makes them tick and why we love their art so much.

And finally, home learning gets the superhero treatment with our fabulous, fun and completely free education toolkit. Our selection of educational worksheets takes us up into the clouds and deep into the sea as we help turn your living room into a science lab to learn all there is to know about H2O.

Interactive pages