Why is my water not working?

Having no water can be very distressing. To ensure we're able to get your water back on quickly, check the following common reasons that could cause your supply to become disrupted.

Five steps to follow when you have no water...

Is the whole property affected?

Check to see whether the whole property is affected. If only certain rooms are without water, then it's highly likely the issue is with your internal plumbing. Bristol Water only manages the plumbing

Check with your neighbours

It may be useful to check with your neighbours to see if someone has turned off your outside stop tap – perhaps to carry out building work, or repair a leak. This is most common in terraced properties or flats which may share a water supply pipe.

Check your inside stop tap is open

Your inside stop tap can usually be found where the water enters the property. In a house this is often under the kitchen sink or in a downstairs toilet.

Locating your stop tap

Use our live map to search for incidents in your area

If the previous steps don’t work then there may be a problem in your area. You can check our live map to see if we’re aware of any work in your area.

Check our Live Map

Report the problem to us so we are able to help

If you still have no water - let us know. We will then be able to investigate your problem and advise you on the next steps.

Report a water problem

Water Pressure

Our network is designed to ensure every home has a plentiful supply of water pressure and flow.

If you think you may have issues with either high or low pressure see more information by clicking below.