What should I do if my pipes freeze?

Every winter, we receive calls from customers about their water pipes freezing, bursting or leaking. We can only offer advice at this stage, as we do not hold responsibility for our customers private supply pipes. If there is a leak on your property, it is your responsibility to fix it, and we recommend contacting a locally approved plumber through the WaterSafe approved plumbers scheme who can be found here: approved plumbers

You can avoid frozen pipes by following these simple steps:

1. Wrap up your external pipes with good quality lagging, make sure to check your loft or attic too! You can get lagging from any hardware store

2. Repair dripping taps and faulty ball valves

3. Leave plugs in sinks in frosty weather

4. Stop draughts and keep your home toasty and warm

5. Make sure you know where your stop tap is 6. Keep a number of an approved plumber handy