What is the LeakStop Scheme?

The LeakStop scheme may help to cover the cost of repairing a leak found on a pipe running into your home.

Have a leak in a pipe supplying water to your property? 

If so, under our LeakStop scheme we may be able to offer help and financial assistance, by either repairing external underground pipes, up to the external wall of a house free of charge, or at a subsidised rate.

To be considered for our LeakStop scheme, you must be the owner or occupier of the house on the first occasion a leak is found on your pipe.

Also, access to the pipe for repair must be readily available (i.e. not under or adjacent to buildings, walls, sheds, garages, or any permanent structure and less than 1.5m deep) and Bristol Water will not be responsible for exceptional costs necessary to reinstate special surfaces (landscaping, brick paving, flagstones and the like).

In the event of a second subsequent leak on the same pipe, the repair may be made available at the prevailing subsidised price LeakStop price.

Properties which are let to tenants on a commercial basis, including council houses, are not covered by the LeakStop scheme.

As LeakStop is only for domestic homeowners, if you have a commercial, agricultural or industrial premise you will not qualify for the scheme.