How can I prepare my house for winter?

Preparing your house before the cold months of winter is crutial if you want to minimise the risk of your pipes freezing and bursting.Here are some preventative measures you can take: Wrap your pipes in good quality lagging. You can get high quality lagging from most DIY stores and there are loads of how-to guides online. how to guides

If you get stuck, you can call your plumber for some advice

1.The pipes you most need to focus on are your exterior pipes (and tap!) and the pipes in your loft.

2. Repair dripping taps. Even a small dribble can increase the risk of your pipes freezing.

3. Leave plugs in the sink in frosty weather

4. Block draughts and keep your warm toasty

5. Keep a number of a plumber handy. You can find a list of approved plumbers here.