Notification and request forms

You can find all of our self-lay related request and notification forms here. Information on where to send each form, when you need to send it and what to include with it can be found at the top of each form. Please note that any of the forms may change without notice.  Download the form each time you need to use it and do not rely on saved copies.

Commencement of Mainlaying

  • Notify us of your intention to commence mainlaying 21 working days in advance using this form.
  • You only need to submit this form when you first start the mainlaying covered by a particular agreement (sometimes the mainlaying for a site is split between several agreements).
  • In addition to notifying us of when you start mainlaying you also need to submit a weekly whereabouts to inform us of your on-going proposals.

Request for a Spur Connection

  • This application form should be sent at least 21 days before the date by which you require the branch connection to be completed for the development.

 Non-Contestable Mains Connections

  • If a non-contestable mains connection needs to be made book in the work using this form 14 working days in advance.  Don’t wait until the bacteriological samples have come back.

 Contestable Mains Connections

  • Notify us of when you intend to make a contestable mains connection using this form.  You should submit it 14 days in advance.  Again, don’t wait until the bacteriological samples have come back.

Completed/Aborted Mains Connection

  • Once you’ve made a contestable mains connection, or if you intended to make one but were unable to, you should complete and submit this form within 24 hours of the intended connection time.

Contestable Service Connections

  • Notify us of when you intend to make a contestable service connection 14 working days in advance using this form.

Completed Service Connection

  •  Once you’ve made a service connection complete this form and submit it with the as-laid and meter details for the service within 24 hours.