No trees or large shrubs should be planted over or within 3.0 metres of our apparatus, or the proposed route of our apparatus, unless suitable root restriction methods are taken.  If root restriction is to be considered it should extend at least 1.5 metres below finished surface level, in which case the minimum clearance between the wall of our pipeline/apparatus and the root restrictor can be reduced to 0.5 metres.  Developers should consult an arboriculturist for advice on the minimum clearances required between root protectors and trees/shrubs.

Should our pipeline have to pass between two trees/large shrubs, a minimum clearance of at least 3.0 metres must be maintained between their respective boles, even where root restrictors are installed.

Developers should include a planting layout with their application.

When installing mains in the vicinity of existing trees we will follow volume 4 of the National Joint Utilities Group (NJUG) guidelines – Guidelines for the Planning, Installation and Maintenance of Utility Apparatus in Proximity to Trees.