Applications for new mains should be submitted a minimum of 12 weeks before you require mainlaying to commence onsite, regardless of whether you want to requisition the mains from us or self-lay them.  We are often unable to begin processing applications because when they are submitted to us because they are not complete, so please ensure that you fill in the whole application form and attach all necessary additional information and plans.

In many cases you will be provided with details of the finalised scheme, financial information and, where applicable, a self-lay agreement, within 4 weeks.  This period may, however, be extended by a month or more, if it is necessary to undertake a significant investigation into how the development can be supplied.

If you are applying to self-lay infrastructure you should allow plenty of time for the agreement to be circulated around the relevant parties (developer, SLP, land owners etc.) for signature.  Mainlaying should not commence until all parties, including Bristol Water, have signed the agreement.

Work on the installation of the mains (both requisitioned mains and the non-contestable sections of mainlaying for self-lay schemes) can normally commence around eight weeks after receipt of payment or confirmation of payment choice. If it is necessary to install mains through third-party land or undertake extensive or disruptive mainlaying within the public highway, then we may be required to provide up to 3 months notice to the affected party. We would not normally submit this notice until payment or confirmation of payment choice has been received. Environmental considerations may also affect installation dates.
Wherever possible we will endeavour to reduce all of these time periods to meet developers’ programmes, however you should be aware that some of them are not within our control. You are advised to apply as early as possible.

The mainlaying itself can take anything from a couple of days to several months, depending on how much main needs to be installed, the diameter of the main and the location of the new main.

Before the main can be commissioned, it needs to be cleaned and disinfected.  Samples will be taken from the main.  The analysis of these samples can take up to two weeks, so there will be a two-week gap between the mainlaying being completed and the new mains being connected up.