Environmental Information Request

The Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR) came into force on 1st of January 2005. They apply to public authorities, which for the purposes of the EIR includes, Bristol Water plc. Requests can be made by anyone. They need not be in writing, and can be made by telephone, in person, e-mail or other means of…Read More

Subject Access Requirement

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018 provides you, the data subject, with a right to receive a copy of the data/information we hold about you or to authorise someone to act on your behalf. To request data please click here.Read More

Customer Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice is designed to explain how we collect and use our customer’s personal data. Bristol Water plc (Bristol Water) is committed to protecting our customer’s data, uphold their data rights, and meet their expectations for handling personal data. The Notice is designed to be easy to use and understand, if you have any…Read More

Gender Pay Gap

The UK Government introduced legislation for employers with 250 or more employees, to publish annually, information relating to the gender pay gap in their organisation. The gender pay gap is the difference in the average earnings of men and women. This information is taken from a snapshot of the Company’s payroll data on the 5…Read More

Corporate Governance

Our Board believes that it is right to employ the highest standards of corporate governance for the benefit of our customers and stakeholders. In line with the Company’s vision the Board is committed to maintaining Bristol Water’s reputation for high standards of conduct as a dependable provider of an essential service. Bristol Water continues to…Read More

Group Tax Strategy

“To meet our customers’ expectations by providing an outstanding water service in a sustainable and affordable way”. Bristol Water’s code of conduct sets out what it expects for everyone at Bristol Water and our approach to tax is aligned with this, following tax legislation. Whilst we aim to minimise our tax liability by recognising appropriate…Read More

Modern Slavery Act

Bristol Water plc strongly opposes slavery and human trafficking, and would never knowingly conduct business with suppliers or contractors engaged in such practices. We serve a population of 1.1 million people and all the associated businesses in an area of 2,400 square kilometres (1,000 square miles) centred on Bristol. We have several key contract partners…Read More