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For All

Our Business Plan sets our way forward


Our communities are at the heart of all that we do


Innovation drives us forward

Our People

Our people are everything

Company Benefits

Competitive Salaries

We regularly benchmark our pay and reward benefits to ensure that our salary levels for individual jobs match or exceed market rates.

Stakeholder Pension Scheme

All new members of staff are eligible to join the company stakeholder pension scheme. If you join, both you and the company will make contributions to the scheme.

Ride 2 Work

This scheme enables you to hire a bike and/or safety accessories of your choice from Bristol Water.
The scheme offers savings of up 32%

Family-friendly Policies

We have a number of family friendly policies that exceed the statutory requirements including enhanced maternity and paternity leave and the option to join our childcare vouchers scheme to save up to  £1,200 a year.

Generous Holiday Allowance

Our statutory annual leave provision starts with at least 23 days for new employees plus paid leave for bank holidays, rising to as much as 30 days.


As well as a discounted car purchase scheme, Employees can apply for an interest free loan to purchase an annual season ticket and benefit from the reduced costs as well as having the ability to repay this over a period of time.

Flexi Benefits Scheme

Our staff have the ability to purchase the following benefits – Dental Insurance, Health plans, Health Screenings, Childcare vouchers, Will writing services for both themselves and their partner. You can also add in the ability to buy or sell up to 3 days of holiday.

Discretionary Bonus Scheme

Everybody in the business is eligible for an annual bonus, this is linked to both the company and on your own personal performance and achievements.

Other Benefits

Certain roles also offer the following:
Car allowance or company car / van, healthcare, mobile & laptop

Learning & Development

We take an approach to development based on the principles of 70:20:10, as this has been shown to be the most effective way for individuals to learn and apply new knowledge and skills.

We want all our colleagues to develop a passion for lifelong learning.   Here are some of the ways that we encourage our colleagues to develop here at Bristol Water.


The graphic above shows our approach to 70:20:10 Learning & Development.

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Our Top Tips For Interview

In line with our Values and specifically the fact we want to Support our colleagues (and potential future colleagues!), we thought it would be useful to give you some top tips to think about before your interview at Bristol Water. We want you to be as prepared as you possibly can be to ensure you give the best account of yourself on the day. For more information on our interview please see the document titled "Bristol Water Interview Tips" under Resources.

Be yourself

Let your personality shine through. Yes, prepare some answers, but don’t be too robotic – we want to see the real you.

The interview is a two-way street

Get clarity if you are not sure of something and make sure you ask us lots of questions, we love talking about our company!

Remember to use the STAR technique.

Try and use facts and figures to back up your examples and experiences.

If you don’t have an experience or example to call on, be honest!

We don’t expect finished articles – explain you don’t have the experience but suggest how you would approach the situation.

Do your research!

Our website is full of information about us and what we are about – we won’t be testing you on it, but if something comes up in conversation it would be good to know you understand it.

Finally, look at our Values.

We are very passionate about them! Think about what they mean to you and how you have demonstrated them in the past – it could be one of the questions.

There is a lot going on...

What to do when your pipes freeze

If you do not have water Please check with your neighbours  to see if they have water. If they still do, it is likely that it is only your supply that is affected in some way and could be caused by frozen pipework. If you feel this is not the case, then please contact our emergency… Read More

Rob’s top 5 tips for saving water

I’ve spent my week living with the same amount of water as people from other countries. On some days, I had as little as 4 litres, and on other days, I had as much as 400 litres!! You can read how I got on by clicking here. These are my tops tips to help you… Read More

Living with less water

So, over the past week, I have been living with less water than the average Brit. Why? Mainly because I don’t keep my mouth shut when silly ideas come to me, and I end up having to tell people how many times I go to the toilet each day. Anyway, I’ve been undertaking Bristol Water’s… Read More

Meaningful work

I was listening to Adam Buxton interviewing Diane Morgan, not your usual place for work advice, and I don’t think they were planning on helping someone working in the utilities sector, but they did. When asked about how she writes, she’s a comedian and an actress in case you didn’t know, she responded with “I… Read More

Dynamic District Meter Areas

In the early 1990’s the concept of managing water supply networks through discrete network areas called District Meter Areas (DMA) became fashionable and was adopted across the industry. DMAs allowed water companies to manage leakage, and they’ve been very effective. They work by essentially capping areas of the network with values. These values can be… Read More

The Future isn’t real…

…thoughts on an information based future. It’s the weekend, it’s blowing a gail, the temperature hasn’t been in double digits for a few weeks now and it’s definitely going to rain later. Time to hit the beach! Why would I do this? Because I’m obsessed with collecting better data. What?! Let me explain… For Christmas… Read More

How we fix a burst main

So how do we fix a burst water main? We know how important water is to your daily life. It’s not just for drinking; it’s for cooking, cleaning, washing, flushing the toilet, and having water supplied to your home simply makes life better. Water supply interruptions only affect a small number of our customers every… Read More

What is a ‘rezone’?

What do we mean by “rezoning”? When we get reports of customers with no water our first thought is “how do we get the water back on” rather than how do we fix the burst main. When there has been a burst main that is causing people to be without water the majority of the… Read More

Why do water mains burst more during winter months?

During winter months we see a lot more burst mains and leaks on our network. In the last five years we have spent £220 million renovating and replacing mains to reduce interruptions to supply. But we can’t replace the whole network at once, so it is likely that during the colder months we will see… Read More

Harbouring creative thinking – The Gilbert & George way

Giving people time and space to think is always a difficult ask in an increasingly busy world. But I think it is vital to a business performing well. We tend to want constant results, to be always delivering something. But we can only deliver better results if we continue to think differently and expand what… Read More