Bristol Water charges announced for 2017/18

Bristol Water’s average annual household bills will rise by 3.6% in 2017/18. Our average water bill of £177 will be the 12th highest of the 22 water companies in England and Wales.

This is a forecast increase in the average bill from £171 to £177. This compares with a national (England and Wales) average of £185. The price rise includes November RPI inflation at +2.2% and provides the investment required to improve our network and the security of supply to our 1.2 million customers.

Most customers’ bills will increase by an average of 4.7%, but the expected number of unmetered customers switching to meters through our voluntary and change of occupier metering programmes means that we expect the average bill paid by our customers to be lower.

Our customers receive a joint bill for their water services and sewerage services, provided by Wessex Water. Average sewerage bills will increase by 1.8% to £231, meaning that the total average bill increase for the Bristol Water area is 2.5%.

Despite the increase, average Bristol Water customer bills are still 14% lower than two years ago.

The economic regulator Ofwat sets overall limits for water company price increases every five years, the last review was in 2014 to cover the period 2015-20.

We have a range of social tariffs to support customers who have difficulties paying their bills, including the pension credit benefit scheme that was introduced last year. If you are experiencing difficulties paying your bill please call [xxx].

For more information about our charges visit; call 0345 600 3 600 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm); email: