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A collective vision for Citizens for the future.

Last Friday (12 July) Bristol Water and Bristol Green Capital Partnership co-hosted a workshop with city stakeholders to develop a vision for ‘Citizens for the Future’. The objective was to develop a vision for citizens and employees for the future aligned to Bristol’s One City Plan. We debated what people would need to be like…Read More

The meaning of life… for a water company

a headstone image with monty python's the meaning of life on it
Have you ever thought about the meaning of life, what we are here to do? I know I have; for me it’s part of trying to make sense of juggling work and family commitments and to stay focussed on what matters. Here at Bristol Water we’ve also been thinking about the meaning of life for…Read More

What does trust mean to you?

A quick Google search will give you some ideas on key words related to trust: confidence, belief, faith, reliance. There are also many different trust definitions available online, which for me illustrates how personal trust is. One of the trust definitions I liked the most was simply “Your actions are consistent with the values which…Read More