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Over 100 years of fishing at the lakes

Our lakes aren’t just for holding raw water, we’ve some world famous fishing too! You already know we provide clean water to your home and all of those around you, and you probably already know that we service 1.2 million homes, not only within the city of Bristol but a wide area around it too.…Read More

Predicting water usage from past data

Child playing with water in the garden
Since the very beginning of humanity, we’ve relied on water for our daily lives.  In fact, 60% of our whole body is water! Settlements throughout history have always developed around fresh water sources and Medieval Bristol was no different with early wells dug down in Castle Park and Wine Street (as they are now known).…Read More

Water meters aren’t a bad thing

Don’t be afraid of the big bad wolf If you live in our water region, chances are you’ve seen (or maybe even met) Peter the Meter. He’s our friendly Chief Metering Officer and is here to help us spread the message that water meters are good news. They’re good news for our planet and for…Read More