Ablaze / West of England Mentoring Programme

South Bristol Youth (SBY) is a programme that gives children in years 9 and 10 a view of the pathways ahead of them.

Because of this scheme, last year teachers reported a 100% increase in their students' confidence, resilience and career goals.

UWE - Sunex

What we've achieved so far...

  • 100% of students said they felt more confident about themselves and their abilities following the programme.
  • 100% said they had learned about skills needed for work.
  • 93% of students said they were better at taking part in discussions.

What is it?

This group style mentoring aimed at students in year 8 to year 10 aims to inspire and motivate students to raise their aspirations and stay more engaged with their education. In the visits to our Head Office, the students engage in activities that aim to encourage them to set their own personal goals and work out their own plans for achieving them - all while chatting to members of our staff from a range of different departments

Why we do it?

As well as the the unique opportunity of gaining experience in the world of business for the members of the Youth Board, it also benefits us here at Bristol Water. We get a rare chance to listen in to some fresh ideas from a younger genaration which enables us to get some insight on their attitude towards the environment, water usage and what's most important to them.

Public value commitments

Education on the value of water and link to wider sustainability issues

Mentoring and employment for less privileged young people

Reduced public consumption of resources through partnership

Research and innovation related to water use and societal wellbeing

Protecting & enhancing our natural environment

Additional support to customers most in need

Reduced consumption of single use plastic

Improved physical and mental wellbeing

Shaping policy and regional strategy in relation to water use

Reducing the social and environmental impact of our roadworks

Our partners