Establishing the Resource West partnership

To develop a core group of members for a partnership which aims to reduce resource consumption. To form a collective vision with clear goals and prioritised activities, learn more below...

What is it?

We have established the Resource West partnership with businesses to achieve collaborative action to reduce consumption of resources and production of waste. We're going to look at even more opportunities for collaboration and innovative approaches to deliver goals we all share.


Why we do it?

Building relationships means we can exchange knowledge and advice with more local businesses in our area, and creating and building new relationships is definitely something we're into. By sharing expert advice with others just means we can improve the lives of our customers and the planet.

Public value commitments


Education on the value of water and link to wider sustainability issues


Mentoring and employment for less privileged young people



checkmarkReduced public consumption of resources through partnership


Research and innovation related to water use and societal wellbeing


Protecting & enhancing our natural environment



Additional support to customers most in need



Reduced consumption of single use plastic



Improved physical and mental wellbeing



Shaping policy and regional strategy in relation to water use


Reducing the social and environmental impact of our roadworks


Our partners