Bristol Water for all

Our plan has been led by our Board. We have gathered evidence from our customers to help build the best plan for them. We have balanced the difficult trade-offs on risk and reward, service improvements and bill levels. This plan delivers affordable bills for all with significant and challenging improvements.

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Find out their views on how we've built our plan and the journey so far.


Executive summary
Board assurance statement
Business plan guide

Core business areas and markets

Water network plus
Residential retail

Summary of our plan


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Bristol Water Challenge Panel


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Supporting evidence

Investment cases

Investment case summary
Distribution mains


Service reservoirs and towers
Water pumping stations
Trunk mains and pipe bridges


Customer meters


Network ancillaries


Network monitoring
New development
Water resources
Raw water


Raw water pumping stations
TW strategic maintenance
ICA & telemetry


Infrastructure base maintenance
Non-infrastructure base maintenance
Management & general
Bulk meters and pressure control valves

The detail of the detail...