Major Projects

We are always improving our network to ensure you receive a reliable, high quality water supply.

If our pipe network was laid flat, it could stretch all the way from Bristol to Madagascar and then some.

That's a big network to maintain, and behind the scenes, our leakage heroes have been busy identifying which pipes we should replace.

That's not to say all bursts are due to pipe condition, though. In hot or cold weather, pipes can contract and expand and even things like ground movements can cause pipes to bursts.

Click on the current projects below to find out about how our replacement schemes might impact you...


We are renovating almost 12,000 metres of main in Keynsham

Wraxall and Ditcheat

We will be renovating one and a half miles of water mains from May 2019

Coming soon

We are busy assessing our network for future schemes to improve water quality and reliabilty.

Not found what you’re looking for? This page is dedicated to our large schemes only. If you’d like to find out about work taking place near you, visit our In Your Area page.