Learning from you

To be the best possible us we need to hear from you, our customers. We take what you say to us everyday to make us better. That might be when we are out fixing a leak or we may ask you to come to our office as part of a focus group. But be assured everything you say, we listen too, and we take action.

We're currently conducting telephone surveys

We're collecting information to help build our business plan for 2020 - 2025. So if you get a call from Plus4 that's us. If you have any question email us at customer.strategy@bristolwater.co.uk .

Build your future bill - Our interactive game gives lets you build your own bill by controlling leakage levels, reservoirs, metering and loads more...

How can you get involved?


Online Panel

By taking part in our online panel every three months you could win £200! It's pretty simple stuff about your water and our service.

Sign up here

STBW Website

Water Forum

Our Water Forum members get together regularly to discuss all things Bristol Water and they really help us move forward as a business

Water bottle filled from tap

Youth Forum

We've recruited 20 sixth formers to help us develop our plans for the future. They have the chance to speak directly to our Executive team and pitch their ideas