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The Workshop

Are your starting a business? Want to grow your company? Interested in how Bristol Water supports start-ups and innovation?

The workshop is our business incubator where we work with start-up businesses to help grow their business and make us a better business. We're a unique incubator as we want to become customers of those businesses we help to grow.

The Workshop

Innovate with Bristol Water

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Bristol Water arranged a day of collaboration looking on 24th of April 2019 at Future Space, Bristol to solve a number of its innovation challenges and hunt for the next emerging startup that will push the water industry forwards. Below are some short videos from our event.

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The Quest

We are looking to solve a number of innovation challenges and we want your help to get there.

Water Treatment

Effective water treatment is at the heart of what we do. We are seeking a step change in:

  • Feed forward control
  • Online, real time water quality instrumentation
  • Invasive species management e.g. zebra mussels
  • Zooplankton management
  • Management of iron level in networks
Resources and Environment
Pursuit of efficiencies
Customer Service excellence

The Workshop - How does it work?

Step 1

Complete our online application or download a copy below and email it to

We will review your application within one month

Step 2
First Assessment

We will assess your applications alignment with the workshop principles and business potential

Step 3
Second assessment

We will hold a face to face assessment with relevant specialists within our business to assess how your application aligns with our business need

Step 4

We will make a tailored offer to you on how the workshop can support you and your business

Step 5

We will set up the necessary contractual arrangements and confirm the logistics of the partnership

What's on offer to your business

If you are successful in joining our Workshop then we will create a tailor made agreement that will cover a range of services to help your business grow. This can include shared use of our equipment and facilities, access to data and physical assets, access to IT and communications expertise, legal advice, and financial guidance.

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What is the workshop?

Find out from Chris Thomas what the workshop is and how it works...

Dillan Hackett the founder of hackett consulting ltd

Hackett Consulting

Dillan Hackett, Founder of Hackett Consulting, has been working within our incubator for a while looking at innovations within our robotics program.

Read his blog to find out more about what it's like.

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Our Innovation Philosophy

Thoughts on why innovation is important to all of us

What do swarms, memes, genes and waves have in common?… Look at this picture. What do you see? Imagery ©2018 Google, Map data ©2018 Google This isn’t a bizarre test of your psyche and you probably won’t know the answer unless you’ve worked in the water industry. This is a picture that has fascinated me…

The Future isn’t real…

…thoughts on an information based future. It’s the weekend, it’s blowing a gail, the temperature hasn’t been in double digits for a few weeks now and it’s definitely going to rain later. Time to hit the beach! Why would I do this? Because I’m obsessed with collecting better data. What?! Let me explain… For Christmas…

Failing fast is for failures… …let’s learn instead

The Russians are good at thinking outside of the box. In the 1940s the Russian army trained an elite force of dogs to run under enemy tanks carrying explosives to target the weak underside of those tanks. However, when deployed in the field the dogs ran towards the familiar noise of the Russian’s diesel engine…

Meaningful work

I was listening to Adam Buxton interviewing Diane Morgan, not your usual place for work advice, and I don’t think they were planning on helping someone working in the utilities sector, but they did. When asked about how she writes, she’s a comedian and an actress in case you didn’t know, she responded with “I…

The Hell-o-cheese-copter

This is a blog about innovation in the water industry. This blog can relate to any industry in the world but I care about water. A multi-million pound industry, a public service, a regulated industry. So I start it with a quote from a book by Andrea Beaty; “Strapped into the cockpit, she flipped on…

Thou shall taketh away

When people talk about innovation, they often talk of what’s new: what’s the new tech, the new gadget. And that it most certainly is; but when you look up what innovations means – not a great thing to be in your search history if you’re the ‘head of business improvement and innovation’ – it says…

Harbouring creative thinking – The Gilbert & George way

Giving people time and space to think is always a difficult ask in an increasingly busy world. But I think it is vital to a business performing well. We tend to want constant results, to be always delivering something. But we can only deliver better results if we continue to think differently and expand what…