Bristol Water Challenge Panel

The Bristol Water Challenge Panel is an independent group of interested and expert stakeholders whose role is to ensure that customer voice remains at the heart of Bristol Water’s decision-making.

Some of the key roles of the Challenge Panel:

  1. Monitoring the delivery of Bristol Water’s current commitments to customers
  2. Helping Bristol Water develop business plan proposals that reflect the views of customers as well as the interests of other stakeholders and the environment
Independent Chair – Peaches Golding OBE
Peaches Golding2 Mrs Golding is a trusted and respected business and community leader with an array of experience in representing customer groups, including Ofcom’s Viewer Panel for ITV West. She was England’s first black High Sheriff and is widely regarded for her work representing diverse and disadvantaged communities.
Independent Deputy Chair – Tony Denham
Tony Denham2 Tony recently retired, following 10 years as the Consumer Council for Water’s Local Consumer Advocate. Prior to this, he had spend 35 years working in the Energy Sector.

The following organisations are currently members of the Challenge Panel:

In addition, the Panel has several independent members representing Regional Industry, Local Farming and Public Health.

If you have any questions for the panel, please contact panel meets quarterly, and the minutes of the meetings are available below.

Panel Meeting November 2015
Panel Meeting 2 March 2016
Away Day May 2016
Panel Meeting 3 June 2016
Panel Meeting 4 September 2016
Panel Meeting 5 December 2016
Panel Meeting 6 January 2017
Panel Meeting 7 May 2017
Panel Meeting 8 July 2017
Panel Meeting 9 November 2017
Panel Meeting 10 January 2018
Panel Meeting 11 April 2018