More than just a water company

Every day, 1.2 million people in the city of Bristol and surrounding areas rely on us for clean, fresh drinking water, but we go so much further, improving our community and the environment.

Caring for our community

We were founded over 170 years ago on the principle of being for everyone, not just the wealthy few. To this day, we continue to run our business in this way,  whether that be campaigning against plastic pollution or providing excellent facilities such as Chew Valley Lake for everyone to enjoy.

Bristol Water Customers

Innovation in Bristol - The city of Bristol has always been synonymous with innovation: whether it’s Brunel, the aviation industry or Aardman studios; it’s always been a place of creative forward thinkers. Today is no different. Hear how Bristol Water is pushing ahead through innovation.

Conserving beauty.

From the Mendip Hills through to the Cheddar Gorge, we're fortunate to have some of the most spectacular natural landscapes the UK has to offer. That's why when we undertake work, we take great care to protect the natural beauty of our area and the wildlife that lives here.

The Bristol Water Challenge Panel - The Bristol Water Challenge Panel provides
assurance to the economic water regulator Ofwat that Bristol Water has incorporated the preferences and priorities of customers in its business plan for the period 2020 to 2025

Planning for the future

Bristol Water... Clearly, our long-term strategy sets out what we want to achieve over the next 25 years. It looks at what we have been doing, who we've been listening to and working with, and what we could do in the future.

Town houses and vans

What's new with Bristol Water - Find out the latest on what Bristol Water has been up to by visiting our media centre below...

Our Leadership

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mel Karam joined the organisation in April 2017. With over 30 years of experience, Mel has a proven track record in asset management and capital delivery in the power and utility industry.

Careers with Bristol Water

From engineers to scientists and fisheries rangers to energy analysts, you will discover a range of career opportunities with us in an industry that is both challenging and fulfilling.

Learning from you is important to us - To be the best possible us we need to hear from you, our customers. We take what you say to us everyday to make us better. Learn more about this below...

Reports & Documentation

Annual Reports

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2017/18

This report is the principal way we document our yearly performance and hold ourselves publicly to account. It was published in July 2018.
Interim Financial Reports
Assurance Plan
Risk & Compliance Statement
Financial Flows
Statement from the Board
Regulatory Policy & Consultations

Our Regulators


Ofwat is the economic water industry regulator responsible for ensuring we meet the conditions of our licence which includes pricing policies, monitoring the level of services we provide and protecting our customers’ interests.


CCWater is an independent organisation aims to protected consumers’ interests and investigate customer complaints free of charge.


DEFRA sets national government policy for water and controls some very important aspects of our work. In particular the DWI sets the standards of our water quality based on EU standards and is responsible for making sure we meet them.


The DWI is responsible for monitoring our compliance with the water quality standards, these are reported against compliance with drinking water quality standards in England, which are based on EU Directives. The DWI is part of the department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is responsible for protecting and improving the water environment  which includes rivers, groundwaters, coastal waters, fisheries, pollution control, navigation and flood defences. In addition to this, it regulates both quality and the quantity of water we take from and return to rivers, other inland water and underground sources.

Our Blog

What to do when your pipes freeze

If you do not have water Please check with your neighbours  to see if they have water. If they still do, it is likely that it is only your supply that is affected in some way and could be caused by frozen pipework. If you feel this is not the case, then please contact our emergency…

Harbouring creative thinking – The Gilbert & George way

Giving people time and space to think is always a difficult ask in an increasingly busy world. But I think it is vital to a business performing well. We tend to want constant results, to be always delivering something. But we can only deliver better results if we continue to think differently and expand what…

Reducing agricultural pollution – working together with local farmers

Our most important asset is raw water.  Good quality raw water makes it easier and cheaper for us to provide good quality drinking water to our customers. Back in 2007, Bristol Water had the perhaps dubious accolade of being the first water company to detect metaldehyde in raw water.  This prompted the rest of the…

Water, economics – yawn…

Do the ambitious, the curious, the innovative and the creative come and work in the water industry?  It may be the perception that they don’t. And I can’t claim that I do a great job of getting my friends or family excited about the water industry too often and certainly not if I start to…

Rob’s top 5 tips for saving water

I’ve spent my week living with the same amount of water as people from other countries. On some days, I had as little as 4 litres, and on other days, I had as much as 400 litres!! You can read how I got on by clicking here. These are my tops tips to help you…

Living with less water

So, over the past week, I have been living with less water than the average Brit. Why? Mainly because I don’t keep my mouth shut when silly ideas come to me, and I end up having to tell people how many times I go to the toilet each day. Anyway, I’ve been undertaking Bristol Water’s…

Thou shall taketh away

When people talk about innovation, they often talk of what’s new: what’s the new tech, the new gadget. And that it most certainly is; but when you look up what innovations means – not a great thing to be in your search history if you’re the ‘head of business improvement and innovation’ – it says…

The Hell-o-cheese-copter

This is a blog about innovation in the water industry. This blog can relate to any industry in the world but I care about water. A multi-million pound industry, a public service, a regulated industry. So I start it with a quote from a book by Andrea Beaty; “Strapped into the cockpit, she flipped on…

Meaningful work

I was listening to Adam Buxton interviewing Diane Morgan, not your usual place for work advice, and I don’t think they were planning on helping someone working in the utilities sector, but they did. When asked about how she writes, she’s a comedian and an actress in case you didn’t know, she responded with “I…

Dynamic District Meter Areas

In the early 1990’s the concept of managing water supply networks through discrete network areas called District Meter Areas (DMA) became fashionable and was adopted across the industry. DMAs allowed water companies to manage leakage, and they’ve been very effective. They work by essentially capping areas of the network with values. These values can be…

Catchment Management - The “Catchment area” is a term which describes the area around a water source, where rainfall naturally collects and feeds into the source. Learn more about this as well as about some of our projects below...