Warning – phishing site and emails pretending to be us

Computer warning
Unfortunately, scammers and phishers are taking advantage of our trusted position in providing your water supply, and we’re aware of a website posing to be us. Our website address will always be www.bristolwater.co.uk – if you see ‘plc’ in the web address, this is not us. Please also be aware that emails coming from us…Read More

COVID-19 customer update

Last updated: Wednesday 4 November 2020 Please note: This page will change based on the latest updates from the Government. Please refer to the ‘last updated’ box above. With a new lockdown starting today (Thursday 5 November) there will be some changes to the services we offer. As key workers, you will still see us…Read More

Vigo and Blagdon Woods affected by Ash dieback

Vigo and Blagdon woods are the latest locations to be affected by a deadly disease running rampant in Ash tress across the country and beyond. The disease is known as Ash dieback and experts believe 95% of UK trees will be lost to it this decade. Natasha Clarke, Environment Manger at Bristol Water, said: “Just…Read More

Ecological context

Every time we turn on a tap we take water from nature. A lot. On average customers in the Bristol Water area need somewhere in the region of 270 million litres a day! That’s 270,000 tonnes of water we take from the environment. This water is unfit for human consumption and requires energy and chemicals…Read More

Making a difference with our education assets

These have been really tough times for all of us, a global pandemic, furlough’s, working from home, our schools not always being open and all those fun things we enjoy have either stopped, re-started and stopped again under lockdown. So maybe it was a good time to launch our new suite of education assets and…Read More

An ecological emergency – linking the blue and green stuff…

Wildflower meadows
As the Environment Manager at Bristol Water it’s no surprise that I want water to be used efficiently. I want there to be enough left for all the bugs, beasts and plants around us. In February this year, Bristol City Council announced an Ecological Emergency. Along with many local businesses and organisations (including us) ,…Read More

Bristol Water acknowledged as top performer for rate of complaints

CCW Bristol Water customer complaints
Bristol Water has today (Thursday 24 September) been acknowledged as an industry top performer for its rate of complaints in the CCW Household Complaints Report.   Bristol Water’s household written complaints are 34% lower on the previous year, while escalated complaints and those sent directly to CCW, who represent the interest of water customers, are…Read More

What you can do if your water tastes or smells funny

If your tap water tastes or smells funny, it’s usually nothing to worry about. In fact there are a few reasons your water might have a unfamiliar taste or smell, most are totally harmless and completely fixable. The main tastes or smells most people report from their taps are: Chlorine type smellTCP type tasteEarthy, or…Read More

Cheddar reservoir currently remains open

Cheddar reservoir
Cheddar reservoir status: OPEN We’re not planning any closures as of yet We’d also like to say thank you – everyone was very respectful of the closures in August and we’re already seeing a reduction in anti-social behavior on days outside of the closures. Cheddar reservoir will be shut to visitors during periods of hot…Read More

The Privatisation of Water

You’d be forgiven for thinking the privatisation of water first began in 1989, but that’s not necessarily true. In fact, Bristol Water has never actually been in public ownership. So, why’s that? Well, when we were established as an Act of Parliament back in 1846 (smack bang in the middle of the cholera epidemic), we…Read More