There are currently 2 live water incidents

A world beyond your tap

Often the mundane, regular services are the easiest to take for granted. It feels like these days everyone’s expectations of receiving a five star service is increasing – and that includes the service of their water supply. Even though when it was first created Bristol Water was a marvel of modern engineering, it soon (like…Read More

Is watering your garden costing more than you’d think?

Watering your garden can be one of the most expensive household tasks you do every day. There’s loads of advice on how to use less water in the home, but what about your garden? There are actually really easy, manageable ways you can reduce the amount of water you use in your garden – and…Read More

In an emergency, could you find your stop tap?

Imagine this: it’s a Sunday morning, you’re half asleep, your head’s a bit sore after last night and all you want is a big, hot mug of coffee, to lounge about in your pyjamas all day and watch TV. You sleepily walk into the kitchen and there’s water everywhere, something’s leaked or burst then you…Read More

Predicting water usage from past data

Child playing with water in the garden
Since the very beginning of humanity, we’ve relied on water for our daily lives.  In fact, 60% of our whole body is water! Settlements throughout history have always developed around fresh water sources and Medieval Bristol was no different with early wells dug down in Castle Park and Wine Street (as they are now known).…Read More

What does the Priority Services register mean?

At the minute it feels like we’re being bombarded with messages about COVID-19 and ways businesses can help us ‘during these unprecedented times’. And we know that we’re probably one of those businesses. So, we’re going to layout what our Priority Services register actually is and how it can help you. What is the Priority…Read More

Algae warning issued to dog walkers and lakeside visitors

If you’re one of the thousands planning to soak up the sun at local beauty spots like Chew Valley or Cheddar Lake this weekend, Bristol Water is warning to stay safe and stay out the water. High levels of blue-green algae have been reported across Chew Valley Lake, Litton Lake, Cheddar Lake and Barrow Tanks.…Read More

Be aware of bogus callers

Bogus callers
Bogus callers pretending to be from utility providers are still active – even during the Covid-19 outbreak. Today, we’ve received a report of a water softening company claiming to need to enter a home on behalf of us. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, we’re currently not entering customer homes unless there’s a genuine emergency,…Read More

5 ways to improve biodiversity in your garden

I love having biodiversity and wildlife in my garden, I always try and keep the bird feeders topped up and leave a dish of water out during the summer months. I even try and make an effort to create a welcoming refuge for hedgehog hibernation, and on more than one occasion have been tempted to…Read More