Useful information and links

There is a vast amount of information regarding drinking water quality.  The following leaflets and links are ones we feel you may find useful.   The information varies from general information about water quality to more specific subjects such as regulation, standards and water in the home.


Drinking Water Quality – The standards explained

Consumers are showing a greater interest in their drinking water and what is in it – and this is to be welcomed.  The content of water varies from area to area and will naturally contain a range of trace substances at levels which are suitable for drinking.  Water is sampled daily at treatment works, service reservoirs and consumers’ taps. This leaflet provides further information about the various tests, units of measure and what happens if a test fails.

Looking after water in your home – a consumer’s guide

UK tap water is amongst the best in the world. Our water industry trade association, Water UK, has published an informative guide called “Looking after water in your home”, to help you maintain the excellent quality of tap water in your home and save money by avoiding all too common problems.


Water UK

Water UK represents all major UK water and wastewater service providers at national and European levels.  They provide a positive framework for the water industry to engage with government, regulators, stakeholder organisations and the public. Go to their website to find out more.

Drinking Water Inspectorate

The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) is the regulator of drinking water quality in England and Wales.  They are responsible for ensuring that the water supplies in England and Wales meet the relevant standards and are acceptable to consumers.  They do this by assessing water quality results, as well as investigating and taking enforcement action on the occasions when things go wrong.  Each year they publish a detailed report containing information about sample results and the results of their investigations and audits they have carried out.  This report, together with other information and leaflets that consumers may find useful, can be found on their website.