Water Quality

With thanks to Sarah Long for producing the video.

Excellent water quality is fundamental to providing the level of service our customers expect from us. Our aim is always to supply water that is not just safe to drink but is good to drink. We achieve this using advanced treatment processes and a team of highly trained staff.

Proof of this lies in our water quality results, with over 99.9% of the 120,000 drinking water tests carried out each year being compliant with UK and EU drinking water standards.

We know our customers are interested in the quality of the water we provide to their property. So we have introduced a postcode search so you can find out the hardness of the water in your area as well as details of how we treat your water (as a little tidbit, we don’t add fluoride to any of our water) and where it comes from. Simply go to our ‘Work in your area‘ map and put your postcode into the top right hand corner and press enter. You will then see a button in the top left hand corner saying ‘Water Quality’ click this for the details.

We continue to invest in new treatment processes, renovation of water mains and partnerships with catchment stakeholders (click here to go to our section on catchment protection) ensures this high standard of water quality is maintained.

As part of our testing process we sometimes may need to visit your property to obtain a water sample. If you are at all concerned or would like to check the identity of the person please call 0800 373 501 or see further advise on our website here.