Water Pressure

Water pressure determines the flow of water from your tap. Our standard of service for mains water pressure is ten metres head (or 1 bar) at the property boundary of your home or business. This normally means that in your home or business, water pressure should be strong enough to fill a 4.5 litre (one gallon) container in 30 seconds from a ground floor tap. This is the minimum level of pressure we expect each house or business to receive although pressure can be higher. There is no industry standard for an upper limit on pressure.

Water pressure in your home or business can vary due a number of factors. Typically water pressure is at its highest at night when very little is being used. During the day there are peak times for use, like breakfast, lunch and dinner, which means more people in any given area are using more water and so pressure can drop.

If you are experiencing poor pressure it could be down to a number of factors.

Work in your area

If there is an unplanned incident or emergency in your area, for example a burst main, we may not have been able to contact you in advance. You can check to see what is happening now by looking at our home page for information relating to an incident.


We flush our pipes in sections across our region, in order to maintain good water quality. We update our flushing page on a weekly basis to show where the planned work will be for that week. Click here  to find out where are are currently flushing.

Ask a neighbour

If possible, ask your neighbours if they are experiencing the same problems. If their supply is normal, it is likely to be an internal plumbing issue.

Shared supply

Some properties share a supply. Your neighbour could have been carrying out some work on their home or business, which meant they need to stop the supply. They may not have realised it would affect your supply, so it’s best to check with them.

Check for a leak on your supply pipe

Contact us

If you have no water or low pressure due to a possible problem with the main water supply, please contact us.