FREE water saving kit for your home

Having a water meter fitted is the best way to help you reduce the amount of water you use in your home. To help you waste even less water we will send you some devise to put in your home absolutely free of charge.  If you have a meter and these products you should be able to save a bit of cash too.

Go to Save Water Save Money to order your products, but if you have the time complete our water use calculator which will tell you wish devises are best suited to your home.

So what devises are on offer?

Save a flush – Did you know, flushing your toilet uses an average of 36 litres of water a day. Fitting a save a flush saves over a litre every time you flush.

Shower Timer – The average shower time is 6 minutes using a whopping 62 litres of water.  Take our 4 minute shower challenge by using our timer to cut your water use by 33%.

Toothy Timers – Most people still do not turn the taps off whilst brushing their teeth. Our toothy timers act as a reminder and also ensure kids brush their teeth for long enough.

There are many other products as well such as tap inserts and shower heads available for free. We also give our customers limited time offers on things such as water butts and trigger hose guns.