Beat the Bill

What is Beat the Bill?

Beat the Bill is a trial campaign that started in October 2017 and was designed to reduce the amount of water of an average person’s usage from 150l per day to 120l. By using less water there isn’t only an environmental impact but we have found that on average, people save around £100 on their water bill.

In October, we installed 1,000 meters in Lockleaze and Filton. We selected this area because they already have the infrastructure in place to have a meter fitted – so customers on a joint supply may not be involved.

Since its launch, customers have saved as much as £100 and it has helped us find several leaks on customers supply pipes.

Water saving tips

If you are on a meter and want to find out how you can save on your water bill we have some handy tips:

  • Turning the tap off when you brush your teeth can save 9 litres of water a minute
  • Shower instead of taking regular baths
  • Keep your showers shorter, four minutes is plenty!
  • Use a watering can instead of a hose

You can find more water saving tips here

If you have been selected for the Beat the Bill campaign and wish to switch permanently please fill out the above form. If you are not part of the scheme but wish to switch to a meter click here.

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