Water Meters

Having a water meter installed is the only way to pay for only the water you use. For most households it can help you save money, especially if you have more bedrooms than people living in your property.

Check out below some examples of people who have switched to a meter to see how you can benefit. Then, if you fancy it, you can use the Save Water Save Money calculator to find out your water usage and if you could potentially save.

Once you are ready you can then fill out our simple online application form. Then sit back and wait for us to contact you and arrange a visit.

If you change your mind on a meter once it has been installed we will switch you back to your original method of billing free of charge (as long as you have had the meter less than two years). So there’s nothing to lose.

Still not sure? give us a call to chat through the options on 0345 600 3600.

Fitting water meters is key to bringing down leakage and demand for water. Therefore, we at Bristol Water and at water companies across the country want to increase the amount of homes that have a meter. With this is mind since October 2016 we fit meters at all properties on change of occupancy.

How may I benefit from a meter?

Retired Couple
Susan and Mike’s children have now left home. They now have more rooms than people, and a well-maintained garden. A water meter could save them money and they could also use a water butt or two in the garden.


Single Parent with two children
Mark lives in a two-bedroom house with his two daughters. He wants to have a water meter fitted to save money and only pay for what he uses. Mark also wants to look at our social tariffs to help him with his bills, he needs a meter to be eligible.


Two parents with four children
The Modha family have four children and will probably not see a reduction in their bills with a meter, but they are environmentally conscious. They are going to take advantage of our free water saving kits and do all they can to save water.


Young professional couple
Rebecca and James rent a three-bedroom house with a small garden. They would potentially benefit from having a water meter fitted and should look into free water saving kits as well.


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