The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) represents water and sewerage consumers across England and Wales. CCWater is independent of both the water industry and the regulator, Ofwat. We work closely with CCWater to resolve customers complaints and to ensure our activities and initiatives are supported by our customers.

What does CCWater do?

  • They provide information about water and sewerage services
  • They ensure a good quality and responsive service
  • They help consumers get value for money and better standards of service from water companies
  • They will help you with complaints about your water company (however, they request that you contact us first)

CCWater’s head office is in Birmingham and they have 10 local offices across 5 regions.

We are part of the western region. This represents the interests of over 2 million water consumers and covers the customers of:

  • Bristol Water
  • Cholderton & District Water
  • Semcorp bournemouth water
  • South West Water
  • Wessex Water

Please visit CCWater’s website for more information.