Moving Address

If you are planning on moving, or have just moved into a property you need to let us know. Failure to provide us with this information may mean that we are unable to process your bill, or if you are on a meter it is essential so that we are able to bill you correctly.

If you are a non-household customer please contact your retailer to advise them that you are moving premises.

Across the UK water government is encouraging people to switch to a water meter. Water is a precious resource and we are always looking for ways to waste less. Water meters are a great way to do this. Therefore, from October 2016 we aim to install a water meter on properties which are currently unmetered when there is a change of occupier following a property sale or a new tenancy. Visits our Water Meter pages to find out more about the benefits of having one installed.

If you are planning on building a property, we need to understand the scope of the work, this can involve a site visit. The aim of this is for us to have up to date records of the pipe infrastructure, should there be any problems this is essential so that the situation can be resolved.

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