Problems paying

What to do when you’re having trouble paying your bill

Money can be a worry for all of us and sometimes we struggle to pay our bills.  Bills are never particularly welcome and when you’ve got them piling up, you don’t always know which way to turn.  There are a number of different payment/assistance schemes available through our joint billing company with Wessex Water – Bristol Wessex Billing Services Limited (BWBSL) – which might help you balance your household budget.  So don’t delay and talk to BWBSL today, our customer service advisers will make sure you receive help that best suits your individual needs.

We may be able to help you:

  • Spread the cost of your bills
  • Pay us directly from your benefits
  • Repay debt and get back on track
  • Lower your water bills
  • Save money and water with a meter

Pension Credit

You may be able to apply for Pension Credit if you are on a low income, live in Great Britain and you or your partner are of Pension Credit qualifying age.

You may be entitled to more if you or your partner:

  • Have a severe disability
  • Look after a severely disabled person
  • Have certain housing costs, like mortgage interest payments

For more information and to apply, call The Pension Service on freephone 0800 991 234 (text phone 0800 169 0133) or visit Pension Credit on the government’s website.

If you are claiming Pension Credit then you will be entitled to apply for our related tariff, which could reduce your bills.

Universal Credit

If you are currently receiving benefits, are you aware that these are being replaced by universal credit? This is being phased in over the next few years. Find out more and how you might be affected by visiting the get ready for universal credit website.