Payment Choices

Flexible payment plans

How can it help? – If short term help is required we are able to offer flexibility in payments to support short term financial difficulty. Customers can pay less than they need to towards their water bill for an agreed period and catch up on payments later.

Who qualifies? – Customers who find themselves in short-term financial difficulty

How to apply? – If you are having difficulties we would recommend you approach an independent agency such as the CAB or StepChange to receive financial advice.  If you need a short term flexible payment plan to help you through a crisis or whilst you reorganise your finances, they will refer you to our Social Policy Team who can help set up a plan.

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Water direct

How can it help? – You can have water bill payments come directly from your benefits. The amount you pay each week is worked out to cover the bill for the year and a small amount towards any debt.

Who qualifies? – Customers in debt with their water bill and in receipt of one of these benefits: income support, income-based job seekers allowance, employment and support allowance, pension credit or universal credit.

How to apply? – To pay this way, please contact customer services.

Call: 0345 600 3 600 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm) or Email: