Barrow to Chelvey

Project Outline

The Chelvey to Barrow renovation scheme is part of a project to renovate 22km of mains in the area. These mains, parts of which were originally laid in the 1860s, supply treated water to the Backwell, Nailsea, Flax Bourton, Barrow Gurney and Long Ashton areas as well as directly into Bristol. The work is needed to improve water quality and ensure the security of water supply for the future. This work will renovate two pipes one at a time.

Length and project duration

  • SCHEME ONE – 8km, 14 inch Chelvey to Barrow treatment works – completed late 2013.
  • SCHEME TWO – 8km, 21 inch Chelvey to Long Ashton – This work commenced Jan 2014 and will be completed towards early 2015.

Update-  7th August 2014

Pipe installed on Scheme 2: 6383m

Scheme 2 Update – Chelvey to Long Ashton

Excellent progress has been made to date on this part of the scheme and almost all of the new pipe has now been installed; over 6.3km to date. The final section of pipe is now being inserted on West Town Road in Backwell and in Chelvey Lane. This will represent the final stage of installation of a new 8km pipe from Barrow Treatment Works via Wildcountry Lane to Chelvey. Testing and commissioning will shortly be taking place on the last section of pipe installed and some excavations will need to remain in place while this is carried out. During the coming months, a number of branch pipes will need to be reconnected to the new watermain follwing completion of the main sliplining works. These will be carried out using short sections of traffic lights, in off peak times where requried.

Some temporary pipework will need to remain in place in the area around Long Ashton and Backwell to maintain customer supply until final connections have been completed. At present, the scheme is running ahead of schedule and will finish in advance of our original target date of Spring 2015.

Backwell/Farleigh/Flax Bourton/A370

Two way-traffic lights continue to operate near the Rising Sun pub/Chelvey Lane junction in Backwell where an excavation is in place to allow insertion of the final section of pipe. We have experienced high volumes of traffic at this location during the past two weeks which have resulted in significant delays to motorists passing through this location. We aplogise for any inconvenience this causes.

Works will shorly move past the Backwell Bowling Club car park entrance, where an excavation will be required to allow the new pipe to be tested prior to reconnecting it into a branch main at this point. Two-way lights will be used at this location.

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

Please note that staff will be onsite to manually operate traffic lights during the expected peak traffic flows going to and from the balloon fiesta throughout this weekend.

Long Ashton/Weston Road/Old Weston Road/Gatcombe

Installation of the new 500mm plastic pipe along this section of the scheme is now complete and traffic management has now been removed on Weston Road. Some fenced excavations and overground pipework remain in place at present. These will be requried until final connections to the new pipe have been made during the coming weeks.

Cyclist dismount signs also remain in place at either side of our works areanear Cambridge Batch. We ask that cyclists please dismount between these points and proceed carefully along the works area, particularly during operational hours, to help ensure the safety of all users of the cycle path / footway when passing our fencing during this time.

Yanley Viaduct Project

In light of North Somerset Council plans to complete major maintenance works on Yanley viaduct (A370/Long Ashton bypass) from this month, we are working together closely with the Highways and Transport department to minimise the interface between our respective traffic management measures. We therefore commenced sliplining works on the A370 near Flax Bourton/The Dew Drop Inn/Long Ashton and have been working back towards Backwell/Chelvey.

This has successfully helped to ensure that our remaining traffic management measures on the A370 are separated from the zone affected by the works proposed by North Somerset Council. Traffic management measures required for main sliplining works on Weston Road, Long Ashton have now been removed. During the coming months, as mentioned above, it may be necessary to implement short sections of traffic management along the route of the pipe to complete connections to the surrounding network. These will be carried out during off-peak times and in cooperation with North Somerset Council where necessary to minimise any cumulative impact of our works.

Chelvey Lane

Chelvey Lane is currently closed to allow the final section of pipe to be installed through here.

We apologise for the inconvenience these works cause and assure road users that we are working as quickly as possible to complete this part of the project.

Our teams onsite aim to assist any affected residents or road users wherever possible – should you require assistance as a result of our works, please look out for Land & Marine staff with yellow ‘Here to Help’ stickers on their hard-hats. The work is being carried out by our contracting partner Land & Marine Engineering Limited (L&M).