Barrow to Chelvey

Project Outline

The Chelvey to Barrow renovation scheme is part of a project to renovate 22km of mains in the area. These mains, parts of which were originally laid in the 1860s, supply treated water to the Backwell, Nailsea, Flax Bourton, Barrow Gurney and Long Ashton areas as well as directly into Bristol. The work is needed to improve water quality and ensure the security of water supply for the future. This work will renovate two pipes one at a time.

Length and project duration

  • SCHEME ONE – 8km, 14 inch Chelvey to Barrow treatment works – completed late 2013.
  • SCHEME TWO – 8km, 21 inch Chelvey to Long Ashton – This work commenced Jan 2014 and will be completed towards early 2015.

Update-  7th November 2014

Pipe installed on Scheme 2: 6393m

Weekend Work – Cambridge Batch

Please note that 4-way lights will be in operation at the Cambridge Batch roundabout while surface reinstatement works are carried out this weekend.

Scheme 2 Update – Chelvey to Long Ashton

We are pleased to confirm that the final sections of new plastic pipe in this set of schemes have now been installed, tested and commissioned. We are now entering the final phase of the project. This will involve completing permanent connections from the new pipe to the surrounding network.

Traffic light controls will be required to carry out the work but it will be of relatively short duration. All remaining works will be planned in liaison with North Somerset Council to ensure that the collective impact of this scheme and the Yanley Viaduct works is minimised. This will involve working in non-peak traffic hours or at weekends as necessary.  Connections will be required at the following locations:

Backwell: The Green, Robinson Way, Rushmoor Grove, Dark Lane, Farleigh Road (George at Backwell)

Flax Bourton: Stancombe Lane, The Grange, Station Road, Chuch Lane.

It is currently proposed that the majority of remaining connections will carried out early in 2015 after the Yanley Viaduct project has finished. Minor works to complete a connection at Rushmoor Grove and to remove temporary pipework will be carried out during the coming month. Further information will be available on this page when dates for this work have been finalised.

Pipelaying has finished ahead of schedule and we expect all connections to be completed in advance of our original target date of Spring 2015.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused during the completion of these works.

Our teams on site aim to assist any affected residents or road users wherever possible – should you require assistance as a result of our works, please look out for Land & Marine staff with yellow ‘Here to Help’ stickers on their hard-hats. The work is being carried out by our contracting partner Land & Marine Engineering Limited (L&M).