Work in your area

The interactive map below shows you an up-to-date view of work Bristol Water is doing or plan to do. You can click on any of the symbols to find out more information about that job.

For details on all the roadworks and any incidents taking place in your area, including water, sewer, gas, council and others click on and zoom into the area you wish to see.

What the symbols represent.

  • The green triangles indicate where work is currently taking place
  • The orange where work is planned.
  • The blue squares highlight areas where we are working on large schemes and have links to further information in this area.

Key to works

The range of jobs we carry out is quite varied. To help explain we split the work into four main categories, the determining factor for all but the first being the length of time we are in the highway.

  • Immediate Works = urgent or emergency works, such as leak repairs
  • Minor Works = occupation of highway up to 3 days, such as new supplies and stop tap works
  • Standard Works = occupation of highway up to 10 days, such as small main laying or diversionary works
  • Major Works = occupation of highway over 10 days, such as large main laying and mains rehab schemes

Each month Bristol Water and our contractors carry out approximately 1300 jobs in the carriageway. This work can vary from installing a meter or fixing a stop tap, most of which are quite self-contained and unlikely to have a significant impact on customers, to major road works where traffic management systems are needed.

All of these jobs are an essential part of the work we do to ensure we maintain, repair or renew the water network that supplies you.

Inevitably some of this work will cause some inconvenience and we apologise in advance for this.