Digging into the past at Cheddar

Jun 17th 2013 at 5:06 pm


Starting from June 24th, a large number of trenches (see generic photo of archaeological trenching – right) will begin to be dug around the proposed site of the new reservoir at Cheddar.

“It may well look as though Bristol Water has actually started building Cheddar Reservoir Two, but this is definitely not the case!” said project spokesman Jeremy Williams.

“What’s happening are further archaeological investigations as part of the environmental assessment for the proposed reservoir.”

Over 180 trial trenches will be dug by expert teams working for Wessex Archaeology
The Somerset Levels are considered to be one of the richest areas for archaeological remains in Britain. `

The extensive eight week programme is designed to identify areas of the proposed site where archaeology is present.

This will enable suitable mitigation measures to be designed and implemented in the event that the development proceeds.

Discussions have been undertaken with the local planning authorities and other relevant bodies to agree the type and extent of techniques to be used. The work has the relevant landowners’ permission.

Every effort will be made to minimize any inconvenience the essential works might cause.

Click below to open the factsheet about the archaeological work.