Chew Valley Lake

 Picnic Area 2 is now open again following the storm damage last week.

Chew Valley Lake was built to provide water for Bristol. Water is pumped to our Barrow treatment works on the outskirts of Bristol and from here we supply much of the southern part of the city. The lake also supplies water to areas like Shepton Mallet, via the nearby Stowey treatment works.

For visitors and users of the lake, Chew is so much more than just a drinking water supply. Chew Valley offers various leisure and recreational facilities, from fishing and sailing to eating out, nature walks and bird watching.

We do not allow kayaking or canoeing on any of our lakes and reservoirs. We also do not allow swimming. This is on grounds of safety, security and conservation. To see a short video on the dangers of swimming in open water, click here.

Seasonal car parking tickets are now available to purchase from Salt & Malt.  


SM_FEB15-16 Enjoy a meal at the Fish Cafe and Tea Rooms on the banks of Chew Valley Lake.

sept Fun for all ages, offering the opportunity to see the flowers, insects and animals in an undisturbed area of the lake.