Easton Mains Renovation

Back in May 2016 we started a £3 million project to renovate the Strategic Water Main that stretches from Victoria Pumping Station on Oakfield Road to Greenbank Cemetery. This main services households and businesses across Cotham, St Paul’s, Lawrence Hill and Easton. Parts of our network are over 150 years old and customers in this area have reported a number of discoloured water incidents over the past few years.

The first stage of this work, from Oakfield Road to St Paul’s roundabout has been completed. The second stage which stretches from Easton Way to Greenbank cemetery will begin in January 2017. We will be using a slip lining technique, which essential means pushing a new main through the old one, to keep disruption down to a minimum. Inevitably with a project of this size there will be some disruption.

A map of the work is at the bottom of the page.

Traffic Management timetable (All dates are approximate)

Easton Way to Croydon Street Minimal traffic impact Jan – April 2017
Croydon Street Traffic Lights May 2017
Church Road Minimal traffic impact May 2017
B4469 Traffic Lights May – June 2017
Greenbank Cemetery Minimal Impact April – June 2017
Greenbank Road Road Closure May – July 2017
Belle Vue Road Road Closure June 2017
High Street Road Closure June 2017
Albion Road Road Closure June 2017
St Marks Road Road Closure June – July 2017
Oxford Place Road Closure June – July 2017
Lower Ashley Road Possible Traffic Lights July – September 2017

Will the work affect my parking?
Unfortunately yes, parking will be affected. We understand the parking issues in the area and we will endeavour to keep as much residential parking available as possible. Access to driveways and car parks will be kept open at all times, you may however, need to gain access via a different route. Our Community Helpers on site (indicated by a here to help sticker on their hard hat) will be able to advise on this once the work has begun. If during the work you are expecting any deliveries or need any help regarding access to your property please speak with our Community Helpers as they will be happy to help.

I / a member of my family is disabled – will my parking be affected?
Unfortunately, yes. However, our Community Helpers have been put in place to specifically assist residents during this time. Please call us on 0345 702 3797 to inform us if this is the case so we can ensure the on site team know. We can also make special arrangements if carers need to access properties during the work. We apologise for the inconvenience our work will cause.

How much notice will I receive before work starts?
This Q & A document forms part of our seven day notice correspondence. Murphy, in conjunction with Bristol City Council, will also start erecting traffic signage and no parking cones in the area within the next few days.

What if I need help whilst work is taking place?
In order to assist residents during this time, we have identified two members of each working gang to be Community Helpers and they will be recognisable by their “Here to Help” stickers on their hardhats. Helpers will be there to help you out whether you need access to your car/house, help with scheduled deliveries or clearing mud from roads. Caroline Glanville of Bristol Water, will also be available to help with questions and requests throughout the scheme and she can be contacted on 0345 702 3797 Monday to Friday during office hours. This number can be used for emergencies at all other times.

Bogus Callers
Whilst carrying out this scheme, our staff and Community Helpers will not need to enter your homes or businesses. Any member of staff that comes to your door will carry an identification card. These are photographic ID’s and come with a verification free phone number: 0800 373 501. If you are not happy with identity of the caller please call this number.

What will the working hours be?
Working hours will be 8.00am – 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. Work may commence prior to/after this time, however, it will be limited to non-noisy activities There may be occasions when we will need to change these hours, for example, to work longer hours during British Summer Time or on weekends so that we can hopefully accelerate the scheme and finish sooner. We will update our website of any changes of working hours.
Will my rubbish collection be affected?
No, your rubbish will still be collected as normal by Bristol City Council. In order to assist residents, when we are working directly outside your premises, we will ask you to leave your bins out the front of your premises and our staff will wheel them to a more accessible area for refuse agents to collect. We will then return the bins to the front of your premises and we ask that you please ensure your bins have your house/flat number contained on them.

What happens if Emergency Services need access to my property?
All Emergency Service departments receive notification, in advance, from Bristol City Council of any street closures scheduled in the Bristol area and plan around these closures accordingly. We have also written to all emergency services outlining our plans and road closures and will keep them informed throughout the duration of the scheme.

Will my water be interrupted?
There are no planned interruptions to supply throughout this scheme. However, it may be necessary to isolate your supply when we make cross connections to the existing network. If we do need to interrupt your supply, you will receive advanced warning of this.