Water Supply Issues

No Water or Low pressure at your home?

Unfortunately burst mains and leaks do happen and this can result in properties suffering from no water or low pressure.

If you are experiencing no water or low pressure check our ‘In your area’ map as this will tell you about any known problems.

Sometimes it is a good idea to speak to a neighbour as well as this will help you understand if it because of a burst main of it is just your home. If it just your property experiencing no water it is likely to be an internal plumbing issue.

We may also be flushing in the area. We do this on a regular basis in order to maintain good quality water.

Discoloured water at your property?

This can happen for a number of reasons. Following a burst main properties often suffer from discoloured water. If you run the taps for a few minutes then this should pass. Check our ‘In your area’ map to see if we are flushing in your area.

Report a leak

Call our leak line on 0800 801011.

Checking for a leak on your supply pipe

If there is no water coming from this tap you might have a leak on your supply pipe. If you have a water meter at the boundary of your property, you can check to see if you have a leak on your supply pipe:

  • Locate your meter
  • Stop using all water – e.g. no taps running, cisterns refilling, washing    machine and dish washer are turned off
  • Turn off the inside stop tap; this can usually be found under the kitchen sink
  • Take a meter reading, including all digits (black and red)
  • Allow 30 minutes and take another reading
  • If the meter reading has changed, you may have a leak on your supply pipe – please contact us


Find out about all our streetworks that may be effecting your area or your journey via our ‘In your area‘ map.

Shared supply

Some properties share a supply. Your neighbour could have been carrying out some work on their home or business, which meant they need to stop the supply. They may not have realised it would affect your supply, so it’s best to check with them.
Check for a leak on your supply pipe

Contact us

If you have not found what you are looking for please contact us.


Emergency hotline: 0345 702 3797 (24 Hour)

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