Where is my stop tap?

There are two types of stop tap. An internal stop tap allows you to turn off the water within your property and it is usually located under the kitchen sink or in the utility room, this is usually the first cold tap supplied in your property. Not all properties have one and if you do not have a way of turning off your water, you may need to contact a plumber.

An external stop tap, also referred to as a company stop tap, is often located beside your meter. If you do not have a meter, there may be a stop tap located between our main and your property boundary. Not all properties have a company stop tap and we are not able to always provide them. These stop taps are owned by Bristol Water and are for our use, therefore if you wish to have a stop tap fitted you will need to contact a plumber to have one fitted. All meters are fitted with a stop tap, so if you request a meter an external stop tap will be fitted free of charge.

Read more information about applying for a meter.

If you do not have an external stop tap, but need to stop the supply of water to your property you may need to contact a plumber to freeze the water within your supply pipe. This can temporarily block the flow of water.

Emergency hotline: 0345 702 3797 (24 Hour)

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