Permanent disconnections

Supplies can be physically disconnected from our network if water is no longer required on a site. Normally a standing charge will be being paid for the supply, even if water is not being used, so disconnecting any unwanted supplies can be beneficial. You might also want to disconnect a supply because you are going to replace it, such as when a single building is converted into several flats.

Some permanent disconnections are carried out free of charge, but others incur a fee.

If, following disconnection, you subsequently require the supply to be reinstated, you will have to pay the current charge for a new supply. Please see our Charges Scheme Leaflet for more information.

The owner of the property should complete and submit our Permanent Supply Disconnection Form to obtain a supply disconnection.

Permanent disconnections form
1. Account details
2. Your details
3. Property owner's details
4. Terms and conditions
5. Confirm & submit