Point of Connection Enquiries

If a developer has already been in touch with us about a site they are likely to have been given details on the Point of Connection.

If, however, you know the location of the site, how many dwellings are to be constructed on it, and the estimated peak flow rate for any other proposed properties, then we will be able to tell you where the Point of Connection onto our network will be.  Please complete our Point of Connection form to obtain this information.

Enquiries are generally free of charge, although if we have to use computer modelling, or carry out tests on our network to determine how the development would be supplied, then we will require an application fee to be paid.

Responses to enquiries will normally be sent out within 21 calendar days (under 500 plots).  Any enquiry for over 500 plots will normally be sent out within 28 calendar days.

If non-contestable augmentation works are required, and an application fee has been paid, we will provide a budget estimate for the cost of the required augmentation works.